1. Pack Your Bags

From the recording Pack Your Bags

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Copyright 2019 P. Pecoraro, T. Moberly

Tim Moberly - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion


Pack your bags, bolt the door, and get on out
There’s no room; for fights, no need to shout
It’s time to say goodbye
After what we’ve both been through
Time is a cruel mistress
And she had her way with you

Pack your bags
Pack your bags

Let it go, let it be, and move on
Like a stone, on your back, it drags you down
It wasn’t meant for me
It wasn’t meant for you
All the cards were dealt
And this is what we drew

Pack your bags
Pack your bags

Lookin’ back, I see it now, I’ve seen it all
Signs were there, clear as day, to us all
Should have seen it coming
It was too much work to do
Wrestled with the changes
And never quite broke through

Pack your bags