From the recording Coming Home (2017 Remaster)

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Written by T. Moberly, P. Pecoraro, R. Flones
Copyright 1993
Randy Flones: Drums
Frank Marzano: Bass
Tim Moberly: Electric Guitars & Vocals
Pete Pecoraro: Acoustic Guitar


An agent of change, elected
So-called leader of the common man
He got a new house, got a new job he says
"I'm doing the best I can"

Started with vigor, promised a plan
A game of show and tell
The media attacks, ratings go down he says
"the critics can go to hell"

The president is lonely
The president is dead
One has to wonder what's going on inside his head
The country asked for justice
The country asked for change
What we got in return was the same old pointless games

Limousines line the path down on
Pennsylvania avenue
But on the streets of this town
We're still waiting for him to come through

The president is helpless
The president is dead
It's hard to be patient
When you can't believe what's said
The ammunition's loaded
The battle lines are drawn
The real question being "who's side is he on?", who's side is he on?